Service Strategy

Technology is not an end in itself but a way to enhance people’s life. The challenge for our clients is to identify and generate high quality, realistic, optimised digital service experiences with relative low levels of investment.

Empathise has a proven approach to generating clear insights based on quantitative and qualitative research from various sources and from organisational insights that come from diving deep into our clients’ business operations and decision-making processes. The output from this reveals itself in the form of concise and easy to apply frameworks and opportunity areas.

By focusing on the identified insights, we think with our hands by applying various techniques to create prototyped (with various levels of fidelity) suggested service experiences. These prototypes are designed to clarify the customer value and technical feasibility of a service suggestion without the need for detailed documentation.

We iteratively refine our prototyped solutions through evaluation and design input via target customers, applying competitor analysis and competitor release forecasting and our client capabilities.

We deliver the business rational and confidence for our clients to operationalise the identified strategy through road mapped documentation, new recommended/tailored projects and processes, including assistance with necessary organisational changes.